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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

New Year's pollock bashing from the SIB!

Happy New Year everyone and best wishes for a productive season!
We've been lucky enough to have had some very settled weather after the 1st of the year and after my folks left, it was time to get the inflatable out.
On the first session, I explored more thoroughly my 'home turf', identifying a couple more good spots. Even though, the tide state wasn't ideal, the fish were active and soon enough the pollock and some chunky coalies were lining up to get my lures. I was using larger shads this time, all over 5" and on heavier jigheads (40g) trying to break through the 5-6lbers and get some better fish but it was just futile. I need to get some even larger shads!
Here's some pics and the vid...

Standard size still hitting 7" sps!

Curly tails worked too.

 On the next outing, I decided to explore further offshore. I was hoping that a little island surrounded by more than 70m waters and with strong currents would be the ticket to getting better fish.
After spending a couple hours there, it was apparent that other than coalies and a couple little pollock, there weren't any bigger fish so I decided to hit a rocky point on my way to the harbour. The sun was going down and I didn't have much time, but I was just hoping for a couple nice fish to make the day worthwhile. There was some current pushing and I encountered large shoals of baitfish close to the rocks (probably sprats). The depth was about 20m and started casting shads on 20g jigheads. I wanted to let the lures swing in the current and 20g felt adequate. Usually, pollock keep under the shoals and just rise to intercept bait brought with the current. This is exactly what happened and the fish were absolutely stacked! They were of a slightly better stamp from the previous session but as I was losing light, I had to call it a day. I will definitely be visiting that mark again!

It's becoming apparent that depth alone isn't the deciding factor for big fish. Locations that are still close to kelp with current and access to deep water nearby seem to be the most effective at this time of year for pollock. It really is difficult getting through the 50-60cm fish as they happily engulf even 7" soft plastics! I will persevere though and hopefully the weather will allow me to checkout some more good looking spots. Moreover, I'm planning on taking an LRF setup on the boat as them coalies are ravenous and also I've missed a good fry up!

Tight Lines

Gear used.
Rod: Tailwalk Saltyshape Dash Power Rock S90H,
Reel: Shimano Stradic Fk C3000
Mainline: PE1.2
Leader: Daiwa Tournament FC fluorocarbon 20lbs - 25lbs
Lures: 5"-7" shads and curlytails on 20g-45g jigheads


Thursday, 27 December 2018

Pre Christmas fishing.

Have been lucky enough to get some very settled weather the last week. This settled weather coincided with big tides, so not exactly perfect conditions but good enough for me!
Had a session on the rocks trying to get a big female but the swell was still running a bit and along with the big tides, it just wasn't the conditions that the big fish like. Still, I got some very decent coalies and pollock.
The next day, it was time to get the SIB out... I found the fish very shallow again, and they were really fired up! All in the 50-60cm with some good coalies among them.
As it wasn't windy, I picked up the fly rod and had a great time with coalies and small pollock. At some point, a better fish came along and reminded me of how much fun it is playing them on fly gear!
I was just using my cheapo 9' 8wt with a 6ips full sink line and a chartreuse/white clouser minnow.
Below some pics and a video of the day.

 A beautiful coalie on the jig. 
Tip top condition!

Good fight on the fly!

Average size.

Unfortunately, I won't be having any more sessions until next week as I got my family over, but ill definitely get on it again soon after new year.
Thus, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and tight lines for now!

Sunday, 16 December 2018

A bit of rock fishing too!

Getting towards Christmas now and fishing time has been limited, plus the weather hasn't really helped... Saying that, the other day I went on a rock session in what was probably the wettest day of the year! Typically I forgot to take my waterproof trousers but the fishing more than made up for getting soaked!
 I found the fish stacked in shallow water (still) among the kelp. Casts in deeper water only provided smaller fish... Its still 9.5C so it's not surprising that the fish are shallow yet their density leaves me wondering what they're feeding on...
Sizes were respectable yet no monsters. Soft plastics were winners again, especially 5"-6" slim paddletails and curlytails on 28g jigheads.

Below some pics and a video of the day.

Had a couple more boat fishing sessions with good results, though I've yet to find fish as stacked as from the shore... That's probably because I'm not fishing close enough to the kelp or I'm a far better shore angler than a boat one!

30g Salty Bait Inchiku does the damage.

When you hit the right spot...

Similar stamp...

I'll be getting some more free time soon and I'm really looking forward to some settled weather as its time for the big mamas now!

Tight Lines!

Gear from the shore.

Rod: MajorCraft Solpara SPS-1002LSJ, 3.05m. max 50g
Reel: Daiwa Ballistic LT 6000
Mainline: Seaknight Monster W8 PE2 (Aliexpress)
Leader: Daiwa Tournament FC fluorocarbon 25lbs, Duel Hardcore fluoro 30lbs
Lures: slim softplastics on 28g jigheads

Gear used on the boat.
Rod: Tailwalk Saltyshape Dash Power Rock S90H,
Reel: Shimano Stradic FK 3000c
Mainline: PE1.2
Leader: Daiwa Tournament FC fluorocarbon 25lbs
Lures:30g inchiku jigs

Sunday, 25 November 2018

More boat fishing and flatties on LRF.

Had another trip out on the inflatable, with my fiance this time and we managed to find some good fish yet unfortunately in an area full of seals. Again most fish were shallow (10-20m) and very aggressive, hitting on straight retrieve near the surface. Had a couple boils on a topwater but the most effective lures were 20-30g inchiku like the Duel Salty bait and Hayabusa Kick tail. She also managed a codling on handlined feathers.

Lovely pollock on a lovely day!

Claire's codling..

Hanging by a thread...

Nice bend...


Here's the video.

The good weather has continued and I had a go at LRFing for some flatties down the harbour. They were very keen on the isome baited cheburashkas and I enjoyed their spirited fights on 3lbs fluorocarbon straight through.

Full of character!

Average size.

Unusual colouration on the underside.
There are a couple more nice days on the forecast and I'm planning to go out again before the usual order resumes. This has been a very enjoyable week for sure!

Tight Lines!

Gear used on the boat.
Rod: Tailwalk Saltyshape Dash Power Rock S90H,
Reel: Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500f
Mainline: PE1
Leader: Daiwa Tournament FC fluorocarbon 20lbs
Lures: 20- 30g inchiku jigs

LRF setup
Rod: MajorCraft Solpara SPS-S792M
Reel: Shimano Stradic 1000Fc
Mainline: Toray BAWO superhard upgrade Fluorocarbon 3.9lbs
Lures: mainly Isome on 3g cheburashka and #8 hooks.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Three days of SIBbing in the sun!

We've had some fantastic weather the past few days and as I'm working only lates at the moment, I made sure to take full advantage of them. I got the boat out in three different locations and even though the sessions weren't particularly long (honestly I could be out there all day and not bored!) the results were pretty good.
My setup was the Tailwalk Saltyshape Dash Power Rock S90H coupled with the Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500f, PE 1 and either metals of 20-40g or softplastics on 20-45g jigheads.
I was surprised to find most of the bigger fish quite close in to the shore (lost of baitfish shoals) and the pollock especially, were in different age/size specific groups. I was further pleasantly surprised when I encountered a codling shoal in ''my backyard'' and managed to tempt a few of them with the metals. They weren't relating to any structure but moving in a depth zone of around 22m.
Those extra 100-200m that I can now access, make all the difference I feel...

Below a couple pics and videos of the sessions.
Looking good!

Average stamp.

Something I need to work more on, is getting better at determining the exact fish locations and the weight/line/lure combinations needed for a more precise approach and finesse. Ideally an electric motor would help with that but for now Ill have to position better with the anchor. Currents can be so annoying up here but without current there are seldom any fish to be found.
The Power Rock is actually shaping up to be a useful tool for the boat fishing as it can take more weight than its rated to and also bully the better fish. The short handle makes it even easier to use while sitting as well. It was cool fishing the fly too although I reckon that would be even more fun in the shallow kelp beds in the Summer, as its getting to the time of year now that the fish will start moving soon. Water temp is around 10C and most fish have been caught close to the bottom.
There's tons of stuff I want to try and I'm just hoping the weather behaves just a little bit!

Tight Lines!

Gear used.
Rod: Tailwalk Saltyshape Dash Power Rock S90H,
Reel: Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500f
Mainline: PE1
Leader: Daiwa Tournament FC fluorocarbon 20lbs
Lures: 20- 40g metal jigs, various soft plastics on 20-45g jigheads

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Quick trip to Greece.

Just back from a week's holiday trip in Greece. It was mostly for visiting family and chilling out, but managed to grab a travel rod as well.
Due to the hot Autumn they are having I was hoping I could re-visit the canals and rivers of my area, that I haven't fished in years. Chub and jacks were my main targets and I used mostly little topwaters and spoons for them.
Unfortunately, as usual, the time was very limited and only managed a quick session or two. The canals in my area are generally overfished (netting) and the fish tend to be very small unless a boat or belly boat is applied to get to areas away from the road. Nevertheless, I had some fun with chublets and jacks both hitting the little lures hard, especially the jacks were going airborne for them!
It was such enjoyable fishing that took me back down memory lane and the fishing I did in my youth... Reckon I'll try and get a trip in early September next year as its the best time of the year for this.
If only I could find small topwaters 16 years ago!

Flying cucumbers!


Also had a couple casts in the salt.

Usual suspects.

I used my Major Craft Crostage CRX-784LG paired with the Shimano Stradic 1000FC. Lures were mainly Aliexpress cheapos and the chub tended to show preference for more natural colours while the jacks wanted 'loud' ones.
Back to windy Skye now and looking forward to the winter fishing. Weather seems to be improving towards the end of the week and Ill try and make the most of it.

Tight Lines

Gear used
Rod: MajorCraft Crostage travel CRX-784LG
Reel: Shimano Stradic 1000Fc
Mainline: Duel Hardcore x4 PE0.6
Leader: Toray Excellent fluorocarbon 6.8lbs
Lures: Various

Saturday, 20 October 2018

First proper go from the SIB!

Last week I managed to capitalize on a break in the weather, straight after storm Callum, and got the SIB out along with my friend Pablo. We headed for a mark in the north part of the Island and fair enough the water was looking good.
It was also an opportunity to test my new electric pump and see how fast I could get the boat in the water. It turned out to be a bit over 15 mins and I'm quite happy with that.
We hit a couple reefs close in (using navionics) and soon enough we started getting bites.
They werent from big fish and felt more wrassy. I had tied a heavy Texas rig for Pablo and soon enough he had a fish on! A pretty wrasse came up and this was Pablo's first fish ever!
After a few more drifts with only tentative bites, I decided it was time to target more exposed spots and after a short run, we came to a favourite spot of mine, albeit from the shore...
I changed rigs for the both of us, putting on a cheburashka rigged paddletail on one rod and a slim straight sp on a darting jighead to the other. We were casting near the kelp edge and it didnt take long to find the fish. Pablo was in first and his rod was bend all the way! The fish made some powerful runs but soon enought we had it in the boat. A quick pic and release to be followed by some more decent pollock and also another wrasse! Pablo was definiely having the beginner's luck on his side...!
It didn't take me long to find a nice fish though and managed to get a lovely looking pollock in the boat.

He's in!
A wee ballan for Pablo.

I love wrasse!

Bronze slab.

 A vid from the session.

After a good number of fish (kept a couple for the table) we decided to head back in and we were all packed in the car just before the rain started! This was a very satisfying session and its given me a glimpse to the fishing potential from the boat.
I still need to make some additions/modifications though, starting with installing a fish finder and maybe ugrade the outboard to a more powerful one at some point...
The shore fishing has also been very good whenever the wind allowed me to have a cast, and especially around dusk, I've been having some steady sport on topwaters and sps. I love this time of year as the fish are all out aggressive!

So much fun!

A pack of them and entertainment guaranteed!

Among the coalies...

I think due to the constant winds and storms of late that have reduced water clarity, fish tend to prefer white/chartreuse topwaters and again the addition of a red treble seems to make fish aim for that area of the lure. Moreover they're that aggressive right now that they will freely hit topwaters even in rough water.

Another little vid.

Hopefully, we'll get some more settled weather soon and I'll be able to get the SIB out again and try topwaters and even the fly!

Tight Lines!