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Monday, 19 September 2016

Serious fishing time...

Well fishing has been fantastic the past couple weeks and even though the weather does its best to ruin it, the pollock keep coming!
First, I tried a new mark that has been unexpectedly productive, then had an LRF sesion on the local mark were I was busted by some better fish before (only this time I caught the culprit!) and to finish my days off I had a session on Neist Point. The conditions were rough on the latter with big tides and swell coming in, but after fishing slightly deeper and closer to the bottom, I located the fish and had a blast!
Some pics and videos below.
Normal stamp of fish..

First couple casts on the new mark...


On a 6" Hogy - 20g darting jighead

They are in superb condition and fight the hardest now!

Hopefully the weather stabilises a bit so that I can go for some light tackle sessions and also have another go at Rubh na dunain for the big mamas there!

Tight Lines.

Gear used.
Rod: MajorCraft Solpara SPS-1002LSJ, 3.05m. max 50g. Majorcraft Crostage CRK-T782AJI
Reel: Shimano SW Biomaster 4000XG. Shimano Stradic 1000fc
Mainline: YGK G-Soul Super Jigman PE1.2. Unitka Night Game PE0.3
Leader: Duel Hardcore Powerleader fluorocarbon 20lbs. YGK Nitlon DFC fluorocarbon 12lbs.
Lures: Various

Monday, 12 September 2016

Holiday fishing!

Recently returned from a week and a half back home in Greece. It was my cousin's wedding but of course the fishing rod came along with me.
As I was travelling down to Glasgow for my flight, I thought a good idea to checkout the sea-lochs as I want sure how much fishing I would manage to do back home. On the drive down the weather was relatively good with sunshine interspersed with light drizzle.
First stop was Loch Leven and then Loch Linnhe. Both marks produced and it was good to get some more of the variety found in the lochs. Cuckoo wrasse, codling and pollock showed up in the usual sizes.
Such vibrant colours on the sea-loch fish!

I miss codling a bit...

Usual size of pollock down

On a Vassalo with Savagear prawn...

Back home I only managed to fish twice! Once in the breakwater of Kavala's harbour where the painted combers wouldn't leave me alone and then on a more serious session, where I introduced my friend Stelios to the joy of fishing for freshwater perch!
It was Stelio's first time fishing in freshwater and our venue was the Thisavros dam in Drama prefecture. This is my go-to place for perch, but on this occasion it took us a while to find the fish, as I haven't fished there in years... I managed to locate the better fish towards the end of the day, feeding aggressively at the base of a rock-filled dam and we thoroughly enjoyed our fishing then with multiple catches! It would've been worthwhile to stay the night and fish the sunrise but time was very limited...
Below pics and videos of both sessions.

Kavala breakwater.

So greedy! If only they got bigger...
Thisavros lake.

Usual size of perch...

My friend Stelios with a perch.

After arriving back to Scotland I drove to Loch Etive and managed some pretty codling before continuing my drive back to Skye..

Well conditioned codling..

A re-caught codling.

Now I'm back to the lovely Skye weather! Cant complain about the fishing though...
Im back!

First cast...

Tight Lines!

Saturday, 27 August 2016

A time of plenty...

last week I mainly targeted Rubha Hunish and Neist Point. Results were pretty decent although Rubha Hunish didn't offer any larger fish. The bay I was intending to fish had wind blowing into it and I suppose this scattered the fish. I still had a great session and caught a variety of fish. Started with pollock and a beautiful cuckoo wrasse and ended with some decent coalies and mackerel that I kept for dinner... Below some pics and videos of the day.
A bit choppy...


Even the little ones are fat!


The next day I visited Neist Point. I haven't been there for a while now as its just too crowded during the summer months but I was lucky on this occasion to have my preferred spot to myself.
I started with the classic Savagear Sandeel and it proved to be a steady producer for most of the day. Surprisingly metals didn't work very well on that spot (quite possibly fish got educated by overuse)...
After catching some decent pollock I switched to a Texas rig with 20g Tungsten bullet weight, a glass bead and a #1 offset hook. The lure of choice was the 4" Reins Curly Curly and I was intending to catch some wrasse since they have become very active lately. I started with long casts and soon enough managed some beautiful cuckoos from the deep while towards the end I got one nice ballan close in.
After a while I changed spot and it was there that I encountered a relatively usual situation when fishing crystal-clear water. As in the fish were there but they would prefer natural presentations and frequent lure changes. Some interesting observations can be seen on the video.
Below pics and videos as usual.
Such an iconic mark!

Decent fish as usual on Neist...

Yet another recapture...

Wheres the lure?!

A feisty ballan..

Kick Tail doing the damage on a day that 'normal' metals didnt do much...

So fat!

Lol! How is this always happening to my fish?!

 What surprised me the most was that in both days I had a relatively high number of recaptures! On one side this is a positive thing as it means there's good C&R going on but in the other hand it means that I'm fishing for the same fish over and over. Considering the resident nature of pollock this shouldn't be too surprising but still Skye is a big place! I'm now even more convinced that for targeting the really quality specimens I should divert my attention to the hardest to get marks...
Somehow though I believe that there will be an influx of fish in the autumn months as they need to feed hard for winter...
Unfortunately, Ive noticed that this time of year the pollock fight hard and also may swallow the lure a lot. This makes reviving fish problematic (especially from the deeper marks) even when kept out of the water for a short time and the losses may be high. The best solution in my opinion is not to target the same mark often and to stop fishing after a few decent fish.
On both days I also tried the fabled Fiiish Crazy Sandeel (albeit on darting jigheads since I lost the original) as I was hoping they would be more durable than the Black minnow. Alas they were very effective as expected but only lasted a couple decent fish each.. 
Something else to note is the wrasse becoming more aggressive and in places that I would get only a couple of their bites I now get loads! A dedicated wrasse-only session is on the cards soon. But first it will have to wait as I'm going on holidays back home on Monday and already cant wait to visit my old marks and finally get some good weather and sunshine! Will be taking the action camera too so I hope to get some cool footage in salt and freshwater...

Tight Lines!

 Gear used.

Rod: Majorcraft KG Evolution Basic KGS-902L, MajorCraft Solpara SPS-1002LSJ, 3.05m. max 50g
Reel: Daiwa Freams 2500,Shimano SW Biomaster 4000XG
Mainline: YGK G-Soul WX8 PE1.2, YGK G-Soul X3 PE1.5
Leader: Duel Hardcore Powerleader fluorocarbon 20lbs and 25lbs
Lures: Various

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Rock fishing Rubh na Dunain. Effort = Reward!

Its been a while now that I wanted to fish the more remote headlands of Skye such as Idrigill point and Rubh na Dunain. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance due to the weather being all over the place for the past couple months! Last week though the sun reappeared over Skye and the winds died down.. Now was my chance! The only negative factor was the big tide around the full moon but still I knew it would be worthwhile to fish in one of those areas.
On Thursday I decided to try at Rubh na Dunain.. It was the easiest hike (still took me about 1.5h) and the potential for big fish was obvious. After making the trek I reached the point of the headland and started fan-casting about in order to get a feel for the depth and morphology of the bottom. It wasn't as deep as I thought (although I reached shortly after low tide) but there were thick kelp forests around with some reef sticking up here and there... I was fishing with my Light shore jigging setup and a combination of 30g metals and 4" softplastic shads on 20g cheburashka.
Things were very quiet at first even though I was making long casts and covering a large area. I then targeted the gullies in front of me and started getting some fish, albeit of average size.
It was clear that they weren't feeding properly yet as they only nipped at the lure and especially on slow presentations with the softplastics.
I kept covering ground and moved to a high rocky finger overseeing the entrance to the bay, with shallow kelp filled bottom that dropped suddenly about 30-40m out. As the water started picking up speed now, I clipped on a 30g Hayabusa Jack eye D-slide metal and started to cast towards the drop off and working the jig in a lazy rhythm, with some straight retrieve mixed in especially when I reached the kelp fringe. This soon proved productive and I started getting bites and fish on! These fish were fighting well and I was amazed to see just how well conditioned and fat they were.. Their bellies were full to bursting!
As the bites dried up and the water rose-up more, I speculated that the fish might have moved inside the bay, especially since I noticed fry about and a shoal of mackerel..
I set up on the next rocky finger inside the bay and it was there that I hit gold! I changed to a softplastic (4" long John paddletail) and started getting fish after fish! And these were serious pollock.. Hard fighting and over 55cm most of them. But their girth was remarkable and haven't seen pollock in better condition anywhere..
This was the day that I realised I made the right call when I bought my LSJ setup as I'm sure I would have lost half the fish had I used typical spinning gear. Unfortunately I was quickly getting pushed off the best spots but I let as may casts as i could (got wet feet in the end obviously) and I was rewarded with more pollock and a surprise wrasse towards the end.
By now it was getting a bit late and knowing I had to face the long walk back I decided to stop as I was feeling 'full' and satisfied from the day's action. There's a ton more of water needing to be explored there and a 2 day session might be a better solution.

Rubh na Dunain.

Lovely looking ground...

Checkout the belly on that!

Such a fat fish!

Eye of a predator.

A bit of variety...


And the video of some of the session.

As in most places the legwork usually provides better results but I think that in Skye this is magnified due to the remoteness of many of these areas. Admittedly most of the time I wouldn't like to be hiking in such treacherous ground with the typical Skye weather but on a lovely sunny day like that it really is amazing...
God I need a boat!

Tight Lines!

Gear Used
Rod: MajorCraft Solpara SPS-1002LSJ, 3.05m. max 50g
Reel: Shimano SW Biomaster 4000XG
Mainline: YGK G-Soul X3 PE1.5
Leader: Duel Hardcore Powerleader fluorocarbon 20lbs.
Lures: Hayabusa Jack eye D-Slide 30g, 4" Lucky John Long John paddletail on 3/0 offset hook and 20g Cheburashka.