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Friday, 30 March 2018

Sunshine doesn't mean hot action...

Had two sessions lately both under blue, sunny skies... That didn't equate to great results though.. The low water temps (6.7C!) and being in the spawning period definitely kept the fish down low and unwilling to bite... Still though with perseverance I managed to winkle some out and I noticed that there were two distinct categories of them. Some fish were bunched together over broken ground in deeper water and looked definitely worn out with lots of scratch marks, red fins and worms on them. While I also found other fish keeping very close in amongst the kelp being more active and looking in much better condition.. Food for thought.
A mixture of slow jigs and softplastics was used with the fish biting in short feeding spells.

A fish from deep water in poor condition..

And one from the shallows looking much better...

Towards midday I started getting some more fish but then the damn seal showed up and put a stop to the fun.
I reckon this year it will be a couple more weeks before things start to really fire up. I hope the temperature will start rising soon though as I want to have a go for some trout in freshwater...

Tight lines

Gear used.
Rod: MajorCraft Solpara SPS-1002LSJ, 3.05m. max 50g
Reel: Shimano SW Biomaster 4000XG
Mainline: Duel X wire X8 PE1.5
Leader: Daiwa Tournament FC fluorocarbon 20lbs and 25lbs
Lures: slow jigs and plastics on cheburashkas

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