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Sunday, 25 November 2018

More boat fishing and flatties on LRF.

Had another trip out on the inflatable, with my fiance this time and we managed to find some good fish yet unfortunately in an area full of seals. Again most fish were shallow (10-20m) and very aggressive, hitting on straight retrieve near the surface. Had a couple boils on a topwater but the most effective lures were 20-30g inchiku like the Duel Salty bait and Hayabusa Kick tail. She also managed a codling on handlined feathers.

Lovely pollock on a lovely day!

Claire's codling..

Hanging by a thread...

Nice bend...


Here's the video.

The good weather has continued and I had a go at LRFing for some flatties down the harbour. They were very keen on the isome baited cheburashkas and I enjoyed their spirited fights on 3lbs fluorocarbon straight through.

Full of character!

Average size.

Unusual colouration on the underside.
There are a couple more nice days on the forecast and I'm planning to go out again before the usual order resumes. This has been a very enjoyable week for sure!

Tight Lines!

Gear used on the boat.
Rod: Tailwalk Saltyshape Dash Power Rock S90H,
Reel: Shimano Stradic Ci4 2500f
Mainline: PE1
Leader: Daiwa Tournament FC fluorocarbon 20lbs
Lures: 20- 30g inchiku jigs

LRF setup
Rod: MajorCraft Solpara SPS-S792M
Reel: Shimano Stradic 1000Fc
Mainline: Toray BAWO superhard upgrade Fluorocarbon 3.9lbs
Lures: mainly Isome on 3g cheburashka and #8 hooks.

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