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Saturday, 9 March 2019

Aquarium update.

Not many major events or catastrophes (!) happened in the past couple of months. I have been changing 30-40lt of seawater every 2-3 weeks and other than a monthly partial filter cleanup, sand vacuum and protein skimmer wash, nothing else was needed and everything's been doing fine...
I have been feeding only frozen food (very slow sinking) in this time and have noticed that this way the bottom gravel has been kept much cleaner even though quite a few of my cleaners have perished due to predation.
Almost all species seem to have grown, except the flounder which seems to be the same size as when it went in.  I have never seen the flounder eat the chopped food while I'm feeding, plus it is nocturnal and I think it mainly feeds by praying on the hermit crabs and shrimp. Lately, as their numbers have been reduced, it has become more active though still not actively feeding when I'm dropping food.
Thus we've been on a 'foraging' trip and have added some more cleaners in the tank. Unfortunately not many survived the sea-scorpions!

Two pals...

Butterfish faces are so expressive.

Survivor prawn.

Mini halibut!

Big Daddy...

Another great survivor from day 1...

Almost doubled in size.

Lately, the fish are generally getting more active (feeling its Spring?). They feed and move about more in the tank. Moreover, one of the rock gobies and a butterfish have had engorged bellies and I think they might have shed eggs, but its highly unlikely that anything will survive in my crowded tank!

I think its time for the pollock to go soon as he's just too big! I might release a couple more fish just to make space for some different species... Cant wait for warmer weather and the mini species it brings!

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