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Sunday, 3 January 2021

First session of 2021 and a PB!

The weather for this weekend was meant to be calm but frosty. I decided to go on a shore session to begin the year. Was hoping a big mama pollock would show up and start this year with a bang!

Started with a 5" blue/silver shad on a 30g jighead. On the second cast I got a subtle take with the lure hard on the bottom and I struck into solid weight. I had set the drag pretty tight, even so this fish took some drag in short, slow runs. I knew it was a good fish but it didn't fight like a pollock.  Slowly I managed to get it closer. It kept trying to snag me up all the way in but soon enough I saw a brown lump coming up. It was a lovely cod and definitely a new shore PB at 3.6kg!

They're getting bigger! 

As New Year starts go, this was a cracker! I kept fishing and soon got amongst the pollock. There seemed to be plenty of  them but of only average size with the biggest going about 4lbs.

Average stamp.

In good condition.

Most fish took the lure close to the bottom while hopping it. Only a few came up on straight retrieve. Natural colours worked better.

On this session, I paired the Solpara Light Shore Jig rod with my 6000 Daiwa Ballistic LT and a 1.2PE braid. The combo worked well and I might use it more often. I was pleasantly surprised by the 25lbs Duel BIG fluorocarbon leader, as even though most fish tried to kelp me, it held up well. I hope the season continues like this and really looking forward to some settled weather so that I can get the boat out and play with the trolling motor/GPS anchor and also the new relief shading overlay by Navionics. Its amazing!  


Let's see what this year has in store for us and best wishes to all for good health and tight lines! 


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