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Friday, 12 November 2021

Luck of the Cornish!

 Months ago I had a booking for 3 lads that was meant to take place last Saturday.  As these thing usually go, getting closer to the day it became apparent that the weather wasn't playing ball. Thankfully the lads were staying the whole week so we could pick a calm day. I picked Wednesday and the plan was to land the boat on one of the islands where we'd have some shelter from the SW wind and plenty of fishing ground. 

The day came and I got Daniel, Aaron and Graham onto the island. It was a lovely morning and for once the weather was much better than the forecast. We started targeting the major points and soon enough the fish appeared. Aaron got bit first on a pink Ecogear Power Shad and produced a nice fish. 

The water was looking a bit milky so I advised the use of loud colours. Soon enough Daniel was in too and after moving around a bit, Graham found some good ones. Unfortunately my beloved and battered extendable Major Craft landing net broke while I was trying to land one of those fish and I had to scramble down the rocks and use the net head to land fish all day...!

Aaron with 1st fish of the day.

Graham with the average stamp.

Happy chaps.

As the day went on, we kept running and gunning along the coastline, encountering pockets of shoaled fish but also picking up single patrolling ones here and there. The preference for loud colours weared off as the fish got more aggressive and I picked one on the Autowalker just as it was leaving the water!

What surprised me this day was the deliberate nature of the fights. I mean its part and parcel of this game to lose fish that reef you but not to such a degree as on that day.  Every fish fought hard and dirty using the reefs and kelp to their advantage and the losses were noticeable. I put it down to the excellent condition all fish were in with well rounded bellies. 

Daniel is in!

So is Aaron!

Heart attack take!

Graham seemed to have keyed in on a good presentation and location leading to the most consistent catches and better sized fish. Soon enough he had a much better one and after a powerful fight, I managed to get it in the net. A proper lump of a fish that took the scales to 4.6kg! Quickly released to fight another day. Graham was chuffed as he was having a red letter day.

Double for Graham!

Cracking condition! 

Throughout the day, a combination of soft plastics and metals were used with the soft plastics bringing in the better fish. 

A cracking day was had by all and we headed in around lunchtime. It was a pleasure fishing with the lads and glad to see people coming here from the other end of the country! 

Weather is still crap but I reckon any windows of calm are gonna see some good catches!

Tight lines! 


  1. Fantastic report pal , a awesome autumn session ,putting the guests on the fish ,
    Next September can't come soon enough !

  2. Hi Demetrios,

    I was directed to you by a friend of a friend, as I am coming to Skye on Friday 19th for a weekend with the lady and our dogs, but I shall be bringing my lure spinning rod/ reels to get some fishing in.

    I wonder if you can help me - I would like some information on marks, spots and techniques to aim for pollack or other species from rocks.

    Could you let me know what you offer guide wise, please? Rates, times that you may be available, etc would be grand, as would a way of contacting you.


    Gary Weston


    1. Hello there. Unfortunately I'm not available this weekend.
      Best regards