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Wednesday, 22 June 2022

The tinnie cracks on...

Not had time at all to blog lately as it seems like everything is happening at the same time with work, fishing and family commitments. Nevertheless the fishing has been very good despite the rainy and windy June. After the early season glut, fish have become a little fussier with all the bait around and tend to patrol more instead of staging on one spot. They're also not as tightly shoaled and it has become a common thing to pick up a few fish before needing to move again to find more.  

Slim softplastics have been far better than metals in the past few sessions with brighter colours doing well. Although this could be down to my latest sessions taking place in the evening.  

I've had a good few people on the tinnie up to now and the feedback has been very positive. So much more space! I've kinda neglected my sibs and I think I need an outing on them in a more remote area than Staffin. There are reports of mackerel about and it would be good to head west for them.

I will be going for a month's holiday in Greece next month and I'm really looking forward to some good fishing there. Been a while since I had some hot weather fishing...

The other day I also opened my trout season account and this is probably the latest I've ever started fishing for them! Nevertheless, I'll hit some more wee lochans soon enough. 

Tight lines 

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