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Monday, 10 July 2017

Another guiding trip with pollock on the fly!

Last week I made a trip with Frazer and his son Rowan. Both keen fly anglers coming from Manchester and wanting to try their hand at fly fishing for pollock and also modern lure fishing.
We arranged to meet in the morning as the tide was ebbing at a kelpy mark that holds fish very close to the shore. The lads didn't have time to purchase fast-sink lines and specialised flies that I recommended to them but in the end we thought there's nothing wrong with trying... Besides, the spinning gear was at hand as well.
Thus both lads started off with 8wt setups they use for their trout fishing and various flies.
It didn't take long and after a few casts and adjustments Rowan caught the first pollock of the day (and his first on the fly!) with the fish getting his rod in a good bend! Soon after I got it in the net and hoisted it on the rocks. Only a 2 pounder or so but on this gear it fought very well!
We persevered and the guys took turns to cast in the tight spot... A few more pollock followed by both anglers and I was fortunate to be wearing my polarised sunglasses and witnessing most of the takes as they happened mere meters away from the rock I was standing! Heart-racing stuff and it struck me how unfussed and natural the pollock acted when taking the flies. None of the ferocity you encounter with say, topwater lures or metals, just straight opening the mouth and the fly disappearing in it, with the fish then swimming towards the kelp  without realising it was caught at times!

Superb fun on the Fly!

Watched this fish take the fly!

Unfortunately we hit the low tide mark soon after and the fish moved off the shallows and couldn't get them on the fly any longer. It was then time for good old fashion lure fishing that gave a few more fish on softplastics. The fish would bite very subtly for some reason but it was here that my Apia's sensitive tip helped immensely...

He's in!

Proud angler.

Another one...

After a few fish for Frazer and Rowan the mark went quiet and it was time to move. The next mark was Neist and although there was some swell coming in from the South I thought we'd have a good chance of some fish.
I intended to fish two spots but finding the one too rough and after dropping two fish there we decided to move to the second (sheltered) one.
Once there things were much quieter on the swell and fishing front but soon young Rowan started getting some quality fish! He seemed to have found the honey-hole and had all the fish come to him!

Father and son in action...

He found the honey-hole!

A bruiser!
Soon it was time to go though and we made the long walk up to the car park. It may not have been a lunker-filled day but considering the conditions and the time of year, it was good going.

Late June, July and even into August are my least favourite months for big pollock fishing as the fish are fussy, spread out and feed in shorter spells than in the colder months. Typically early mornings/dusk sessions seem to do the deal and shallower areas can be more productive.
In any case seeing the pollock take flies almost at the surface was fantastic and I may even look into getting a fly setup at some point...!
It was a pleasure fishing with such passionate anglers like Frazer and Rowan and glad that they managed to get their first pollock on the fly!
Will be getting a video of the day up soon.

Tight Lines!

Gear used.
Rod: APIA Foojin'R Best Bower 96MLX, .
Reel: Shimano Stradic FK C3000
Mainline: Unitika Shore Game X8 PE 1.2
Leader: Duel Hardcore Powerleader fluorocarbon 16lbs
Lures: various

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