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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Mixed bags in the last Skye sessions for 2017!

Well its that time of the year again and Ive only got another week before going back to Greece for holidays...
Ive been out twice and had some surprising results especially for this time of year!
On Monday there were brisk Southwesterlies pushing through that significantly raised the temperatures and despite the choppy sea, I found the fish very active.
I used a variety of lures and techniques that included baited bucktails, soft jerkbaits on darting jigheads, paddletails on cheburashka, slow jigs and even topwaters! It was just as I brought my softplastics up that I saw fish following and hitting them at the surface that lead me to take out a surface lure (I keep one in my bag no matter what the season) and start casting it around. I had a couple of hits from pollock close in but the coalies were on a roll and kept smashing the little Yokozuna 105 FCM! Too bad I had the LSJ setup with me as they were in excellent condition (eating all those sprats lately)!
The metals, softplastics and baited bucktails didn't produce any monsters that day but the variety was nice with pollock, wrasse, coalies and my first codling from Neist Point that hit a 40g Slow jig at distance!
Hopefully they'll make a comeback...

The Northern angler's delight!

They wanted that lure!
The videos of the session.

Today the weather was much calmer and appearing ideal but the big tides and no wind definitely affected the fish. Moreover I saw lots of birds on Monday (including gannets and seagulls) while this time only a few cormorants were working the area. This clearly shows that the baitfish shoals weren't close in and that explains the complete lack of coalies today... Such small differences in weather and conditions mean everything at this time of year.
Nevertheless I had some steady action of pollock and wrasse (again no monsters) that showed a preference for slow/dragging presentations (Texas and cheburashka) and even the pollock seemed to be keeping hard to the bottom. As it happens I did bring the LRF setup with me this time but I only raised one little pollock to my mini topwater lure... eh well we cant have it all!

Always welcome!

Anyway I think that this is it for my UK fishing for this year and cant wait to target some of the Med's species back home. Hopefully the barracudas will be forthcoming this year!

Tight lines and Merry Christmas to all!

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