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Saturday, 20 October 2018

First proper go from the SIB!

Last week I managed to capitalize on a break in the weather, straight after storm Callum, and got the SIB out along with my friend Pablo. We headed for a mark in the north part of the Island and fair enough the water was looking good.
It was also an opportunity to test my new electric pump and see how fast I could get the boat in the water. It turned out to be a bit over 15 mins and I'm quite happy with that.
We hit a couple reefs close in (using navionics) and soon enough we started getting bites.
They werent from big fish and felt more wrassy. I had tied a heavy Texas rig for Pablo and soon enough he had a fish on! A pretty wrasse came up and this was Pablo's first fish ever!
After a few more drifts with only tentative bites, I decided it was time to target more exposed spots and after a short run, we came to a favourite spot of mine, albeit from the shore...
I changed rigs for the both of us, putting on a cheburashka rigged paddletail on one rod and a slim straight sp on a darting jighead to the other. We were casting near the kelp edge and it didnt take long to find the fish. Pablo was in first and his rod was bend all the way! The fish made some powerful runs but soon enought we had it in the boat. A quick pic and release to be followed by some more decent pollock and also another wrasse! Pablo was definiely having the beginner's luck on his side...!
It didn't take me long to find a nice fish though and managed to get a lovely looking pollock in the boat.

He's in!
A wee ballan for Pablo.

I love wrasse!

Bronze slab.

 A vid from the session.

After a good number of fish (kept a couple for the table) we decided to head back in and we were all packed in the car just before the rain started! This was a very satisfying session and its given me a glimpse to the fishing potential from the boat.
I still need to make some additions/modifications though, starting with installing a fish finder and maybe ugrade the outboard to a more powerful one at some point...
The shore fishing has also been very good whenever the wind allowed me to have a cast, and especially around dusk, I've been having some steady sport on topwaters and sps. I love this time of year as the fish are all out aggressive!

So much fun!

A pack of them and entertainment guaranteed!

Among the coalies...

I think due to the constant winds and storms of late that have reduced water clarity, fish tend to prefer white/chartreuse topwaters and again the addition of a red treble seems to make fish aim for that area of the lure. Moreover they're that aggressive right now that they will freely hit topwaters even in rough water.

Another little vid.

Hopefully, we'll get some more settled weather soon and I'll be able to get the SIB out again and try topwaters and even the fly!

Tight Lines!

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