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Thursday, 4 July 2019

Summer fishing and further developments.

We're in the mad season now and the busy days leave me little time to write down what's going on... And there's a lot happening!
Have had some great fishing off the SIB and rocks. This year fish seem to be in excellent condition and much fatter than previous seasons (in salt and freshwater!). The sandeels have inundated the shallows and fish are showing a strong preference for small, thin lures.
I have also had a couple days in the freshwater where I fished for trout and pike with my fiance for my birthday. My new 4 stroke 20hp Tohatsu has recently arrived as well and this makes outings on the SIB so much more enjoyable!
Moreover we have started offering accommodation in our cosy 4 berth caravan on Airbnb and I'll be offering deals for anglers wanting somewhere affordable to stay along with guiding from September onwards.
Unfortunately, I can't write too much due to limited time, but below are some recent pics and vids.

A 3.2kg fish from the SIB.

Mad fun on the fly!

Sandeel imitations rule right now.

Such hard fights on the fly gear.

Another 3.5kg fish on a metal!

Been a while since I had such a nice pike.

Another one!

Some lovely trout!

Forgot how well pike pull!

Savagear linethru trout does the damage.

Baby ferox??

DUO Ryuki slaying...


Loch fishing takes some beating..
First sea trout of the season!

My client Andrew with a dark pollock.

Hottest day of the year and the fish were hitting!

It's sad how quickly Summer's going by for me but I'll try and make the most of it! Looking forward to my topwater fishing along with some more freshwater outings and even baitfishing(!) for various targets this Summer. Hopefully, weather and time will allow for it.

Tight Lines!

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