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Saturday, 5 August 2017

August starts well!

Had a wee guiding session the other day with some guys from the West Coast of US. The guy who organised the session, William, has been fishing for most of his life and loves his saltwater fishing. He wanted me to put them on the fish and experience what Skye had to offer...
Since it was their first time on Skye I decided to head to Neist Point and was glad to see the conditions near perfect! Overcast, slight wind and a small tide.
We hit one of my favourite spots and started casting metals and softplastics on cheburashka...
 I showed the guys what to do and it didn't take long for the fish to show up!
William was in first with a nice pollock followed by the young guns. It was evident that the fish were in an aggressive mood and showed a clear preference to the metals...

William was first in!

As the tide started to change the bites started to become less frequent... Time for the softbaits
to shine... Used 3"-4" paddletails on 18g-22g cheburashka and Texas rig with a 20g tungsten bullet weight. The switch in preference towards the more 'finnessy' soft plastics was noticeable.
A few more fish caught and it was time to wrap it up.
Everyone caught and the weather helped a lot! William found pollock very much to his liking and that comes from a man who fishes for yellowtails and Calico bass...
Couldn't wish for a better start to August!

One of the better fish of the day...

A happy angler!
 On the way back we encountered a lot of garbage just left there from people who had camped over and it really baffles me why would anyone spoil such an iconic and beautiful place?!
I really hope these rubbish are not left by anglers as it only takes a few dirty idiots for extreme measures to be taken and I've witnessed many marks becoming off limits to anglers because of this..
How hard is it to pick up your rubbish!


Hopefully things improve soon...

Tight lines!


  1. We had a wonderful time with Dimitrious fishing. He is very skilled and his passion for fishing is a real pleasure. He was very patient and helpful with the less experienced anglers in our party. We left quite a few lures on the bottom. If you want an exceptional guide for experiencing the great shore fishing on Skye, give him a go. Years ago I was a deck hand on a sportfishing boat in California. In that job, one learns a great deal about fishing as well as people. Dimitrious ranks high in my book. My experience has been mostly fishing from boats. The shore fishing in CA is not that good normally. Skye offers a unique opportunity for great shore fishing from the rocks in beautiful places.

    1. It was a pleasure guiding you and glad you enjoyed it!
      If I ever come around your neck of the woods I'll take that boat fishing offer!!lol