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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Bits and Bobs fishing.

The past couple of weeks I haven't done much fishing as we visited family and time was limited. Nevertheless, I've had a few casts here and there with varied success. The sea fishing is improving day by day and I caught the first mackerel of the year recently. The seatrout game seems to be slowing down and I think it's time to devote more time on the SIB. Have sent both engine props to be cupped and smoothed and just waiting on them to get back.
A couple lochan sessions weren't too bad either with a few pretty brownies and some new ground covered.
Overall, things are looking up and hoping for some varied and exciting fishing to come!
Some pics below.

Wouldnt mind a few more of them...

Loch Lochy trout from a short session.

Eyes bigger than belly...

Lochan brownie.

Lovely spots on them...

My brother's in!

Good stamp of fish,

LRF Coalie

Love them.

Some day that was!

Frustrating yet beautiful...
Tight Lines!

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